Cue Card # A small business you would like to start

Cue Card A small business you would like to start

Talk about A small business you would like to start

  • You should say:
  • What the business is
  • Where you would like to start it
  • And explain how you got the idea about this business

Cue Card A small business you would like to start

Sample Answer

Today I will detail a business I would like to open in central Munich. The idea is to open a high-end Indian snacks parlour. I found Munich to be the most suitable location for such a business as eating Indian food is considered to be quite a common indulgence there. I believe this stems from the fact that much of the European cuisine lacks the spice and intrinsic flavour of Asian cooking.

This concept has been with me for quite some time. The special “hook” of this parlour is that you customize your own snacks. Sort of like Subway, but with a far fresher and a wider variety of choices. There will, of course, be suggestions of certain combinations for those with less experimental inclinations.

I am thinking of dividing the customization process into 3 parts: the base, filling and topping. Different types of traditional Indian snacks would be used for the base. The filling would consist of a choice of flavoured curds, boiled potato, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans and other common ingredients. Last but not the least, would be the most extensive selection of different toppings. The selections would comprise topping fruit, flavouring sauces, and extra decorative pieces. The sprinkling spices would be found on the tables. One thing I would take care of would be to label each and every product on a scale of 1 to 10 on spice factor, as many people could unwittingly use unknown ingredients and regret it later.

The layout would be a rustic-bohemian hybrid style, with rich tapestries, low golden lighting and contrasting high chairs, all of which would be done up in a deep chocolate woodwork.

As you can see, this plan is very well thought out. The reason for the same is that during my time in Munich and India, I realized how much Indian cuisine has to give for the much lacking market in Europe. The detailing for this hypothetical business was finalized during our family eat out dinner when we happened to be discussing the variety of the menu. I believe it was an evening well spent, discussing a wonderful small business idea about something we were all passionate about.


High-level words and their meanings:
indulgence Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.
intrinsic Belonging naturally; essential.
unwittingly Without being aware; unintentionally.
tapestries A piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs
hypothetical Involving or being based on a suggested idea or theory


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