IELTS Speaking: Music related discussion questions

IELTS Speaking: Music related discussion questions
Let’s talk about music in the world

Why is pop music so popular globally?

In my view, catchy hooks and sing-along lyrics are the two main characteristics which have made pop music so popular worldwide. Some talented pop stars who perform in bands like K Pop, BTS and many more have redefined this genre. They’ve taken pop music to a new height.

Which do you prefer: traditional music from your country or classical music from abroad?

I find traditional Indian music more appealing than foreign classical music. It’s mainly because of the fact that I’ve never had a chance to listen to classical music from abroad.

How do different kinds of music affect the way people feel?

Every genre of music has its own benefits. If I talk about rap and pop, the catchy hooks, narratives and beats make people feel energetic. Classical music, on the other hand, is more soothing, relaxing and calming.  Heavy metal has a different effect. It creates a strong sense of identity in its listeners.

What is the best music to listen to while studying?

In my view, the best music one can listen to while studying is classical as it is soothing and can help improve your concentration.

Changes in music

What are the main differences between music today and that of previous decades?

In the past, lyrics used to be meaningful. A singer had to train hard for years to become popular. The voice of the singer had a defining effect on the success of a song. The background music was minimal. But, now, everything has changed. In most of the songs, lyrics have no meaning at all. No formal training is required to become a professional singer. Most songs rely on sound effects and orchestral backing.

What contributes to the success of modern singers or bands: their music, or their appearance and image? Why do you think so?

It’s a tricky question. In my opinion, modern singers and bands owe their success to all the factors which you just mentioned. Poor quality music can’t attract listeners, it can just work for some time, but in the long run one has to perform. The same argument applies to the looks and image of singers. People follow their favourite stars and wish to be like them. Major changes in the appearance of a star or any wrongdoing can affect the fans.


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