IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # Television

We are in 2017 and surely the world has changed in a decade. Gone are the days when people used to stick to their television screens and eat food. We are in times when the world is watching the internet take over the minds of people. Some people are busy using social networking sites, others are busy googling but even then, television has maintained the number of its viewers. This time we are looking at the questions asked in the latest speaking test related to television.

Do you often watch TV?

Television has been an integral part of my life over the years. However, with time, the priorities in my life have changed and I don’t get much time to watch TV. Also, the channels that I watch have changed. But, yes I do watch it but its once in a blue moon.

What sorts of things do you watch on TV?

I like watching travel shows, history channel, and drama on Television. My favorite would be the BBC travel shows mostly the documentaries made by them, the tv show Suits. I also like Indian television. My favorites are Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Girl in the City, Roadies, and others.

What is your favorite TV program?

The one TV program that I have loved for a long time now is Dill Mill Gayye. The show does not air now, but I do watch it on the hot star or you tube. It has been my favorite since I was in class 8th and continues to be one of the best shows I have seen. However, off lately, I have also started liking Suits. I love the way the characters talk and their attitude, well that is amazingly portrayed.

Do you ever watch foreign programs or films?

Yes, I do. I mostly watch English foreign films. The English films that I have watched till date have been mostly romantic comedies or purely romantic. I have seen, P.S. I love you, Walk to remember, Lot like love, no strings attached, what happens in Vegas, letters to Juliet and many more. When it comes to series, I have watched almost all the ones that came on television when I was a kid. That’s so Raven, Lizzie Mcguire, Life of Zack and Cody and much more. I really don’t remember their names, but yes I do like watching foreign films/programs.

What did you watch on TV when you were a child?

I remember watching cartoons as a child. Serials like Ben10, Pokemon, Beyblade were my favorites. Growing up during my teenage years, my interest shifted towards the reality shows, like roadies and splitsville. I loved the romantic comedies and usually watched them.

Do you think children should watch TV?

Definitely yes. I think television has so much more to teach children than any of the other things. However, I believe that it should under the supervision of the parents. Networks like BBC, Discovery Channel, History channel have so much to teach to the children. In some ways, I believe even TV series can teach the lot to children. The one thing that I learned from Sinchan was that you should always be happy about life. So, a child should be allowed to watch TV but under the supervision of a parent.


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