IELTS Listening Sample Question # Hypocrisy


The audio talks about hypocrisy and its true meaning.

Source of Audio is BBC 6 minutes English. You can download the audio from the given link AUDIO

Answer the following questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

  1. What was the actual meaning of hypocrite?
  2. What is the person who says one thing and does the other called?
  3. The speaker uses a synonym for changeable. What is it?
  4. The speaker uses a word to define stern and unkind. Which word is it?
  5. The speaker uses a word to describe you when you show a bit of sympathy and concern. Which word is it?
  6. The speaker uses a phrase to describe the situation when you realize you have made a mistake. What word is it?
  7. The speaker uses a word to refer to being angry about something according to the principles of right and wrong?
  8. What is the one word for something that is very deadly or destructive?
  9. Which phrase is used to talk about something that spreads very quickly on the internet?


  1. actor
  2. Hypocrite
  3. Inconsistent
  4. harsh
  5. compassionate
  6. catch somebody out
  7. morally indignant
  8. pernicious
  9. goes viral

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