IELTS Sample Answer # Graph wheat exports

The graph below shows the wheat exports in three countries during the year 1985-1990 in millions of tonnes.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

wheat exports in 1985-1990

wheat exports in 1985-1990

Sample Answer

The graph shows the variation in the amount of wheat exported in three countries over a period of five years i.e. 1985-1990.

Initially, in the year 1985, there wasn’t a major difference in the exports among the three countries, with Australia having 15 million tonnes wheat exported, while Canada and European Community exported approximately 18 and 20 million tonnes respectively.

For the next four years i.e 1986 to 1989, Canada experienced its highest wheat export in the year 1988 at 25 million tonnes and lowest peak of overseas sales when it dropped down to 15 million tonnes in 1989. During this period, Australia witnessed a gradual decrease from 15 million tonnes to 10 million tonnes. However, in contrast, European Community after hitting its lowest point in 1986 saw an increase in the amount of wheat brought to Europe in 1987 which remained constant until 1988.

Finally, in the year 1990, Canada and European Community exported 12 million tonnes of grain marking a gradual increase in their wheat trade. On the other hand, figures remained constant for Australia.

Overall, Australia observed a decline in its wheat export while the European Community witnessed an opposite trend. In contrast, there were major fluctuations in the wheat export in Canada.


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  • You can tell me where is wrong????

    Overall, it is clear that the amount of Canada and European Community increased over the period given,while for Australia, it dropped. Interesting, Canada was the most wheat exports country in 1985,but in 1990, European Community exported more than the others.

    With regards to the amount of wheat exports in Canada, it began at around 19 tonnes and felling slightly to about 17 tonnes in 1986 before peaked at 25 tonnes in 1988, and then this figure decreased sharply and rose rapidly at about 19tonnes in the last year.Likewise, approximately 17tonnes of European Community was exported in the first year, after which the figure fluctuated minimally and reached a high of just over 20tonnes in the final years.

    On the other hand, Australia exported the lowest number of wheat throughout the entire period. It increasing slightly and declined steadily at approximately 10 tonnes in 1990

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