IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer # Holidays

Describe A Holiday You Really Enjoyed.

You should say :

  • where did you go for holiday and how long did they last?
  • who do you go with?
  • talk about an interesting thing that happened during the holidays.


I love travelling so for most of my holidays I go on to some untrod-den path and visit new places. I remember going to one such holiday to my Mysore. I had a week off from my office and thought to surprise my friend and visit the city as well. Now, I had never been to Mysore and thought that we both will figure out the place for ourselves but to my surprise when I went to his home in Mysore, I came to know that Anish, my friend was out of station and will come next month, so I was left with two options. One, I could go back and the other to stay and go on with the holiday alone.



I chose the later one. He arranged the keys of his house and I did finally had a place to live. So, the next was to go on and visit places. I must say, people at mysore were really helpful and helped me in enjoying various places. I remember, I was passing by a big banayan tree and was surprised by the length of the tree and some one came to me and told the history behind the tree and also the importance of it. It was real fun because I had not known the person and we went on talking in great lengths about the tree and the various places and history of Mysore, in particular.

I visited the Mysore palace, Mysore zoo, Krishana raja sagar and many other places.

The best part about the trip was that although I was alone, it never dawned upon me and I went on visiting a completely new city all alone and along way making friends.



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