IELTS Cue Card # Apology

There are so many times that we make mistakes and so few times that we actually apologize. In this cue card, we are going to talk about a time when someone came to you to apologize and how you felt about it.

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Describe a time when someone apologized to you.

You should say:

  • who apologized to you
  • why they apologized
  • where it happened

and explain how you felt (or what you said) after this person apologized.


I am a very high tempered person, so it is mostly me who goes about say things and has to apologize for it. There was this one such fight that I had with my friend and asked him to just get lost. I do realized that I was very rude this time and went to him to apologize and he simply asked me to forget about the friendship. It was truly a shock for me and for next few days I tried to convince him about my action but it seemed to me that he had a valid point. I am too an extent an idiot in that sense.

So, we just stopped talking. But, after few days of not talking, he came back and apologized for his words. He said that he felt bad and was tired of our frequent fights and the entire frustration went out on that day. I remember feeling really good because it simply meant that we would be able to talk again and have the fun that we used to have.

After his apologies, I did told him that I agree with his point, of me being hyperactive and there are certain things that I need to change in my characteristics. With that apology, a new level of understanding arrived in both of us, making him the best of my friends I ever made in my life.



When it comes to confronting what I feel, I am a very shy person. So, whenever there is something that I really don’t like or get hurt by it, I tend to keep quiet about it and let the relation roll as it was. However, in most cases it so happens that I end up losing the relation.

But, I remember having a friend with whom I had a relation of enemy friend. So, we used to fight a lot, irritate each other, insult each other and then there were times when things got really bad. As usual I never said anything, but with time, started distancing from him. I think he was the first person to realize the distance and came to me to talk about it. So, there was no intention of apology but a deep desire to keep the friendship alive.

We talked and told the issues that we both had been feeling. So, it was not only me who was hurt but he as well. We sorted out our issues and had some really good years together. Although, now he is miles apart from me, but there are times when we talk to each other and revive the lovely time that we spend together.


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