IELTS Cue Card # Admire

Describe a person, much older than you, whom you admire:
You should say –

  • Who the person is?
  • How you know the person?
  • How this person has influenced you?
  • Why you admire this person?
Sample Answer – One

It has been a pleasure to be able to meet so many great people around. Right from work to school to the place where I live. There have been people who have been successful in the eyes of others and then the ones who were right for themselves. But, the one person who I admire is Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. Although, I have never met him in person, but I know about him from the books and documentaries made on him.

There is something about Steve Jobs that is so amazing that one could just be spell bound by him. From his story to the way he talks and the attitude that he carries, it is almost amazing. And the one thing that I really like about him is that was a born fighter. He never gave up and it is so amazing.

Anyone else in his shoes, would have easily quit when he was kicked out of his company but getting kicked out of his company did not stopped Steve Jobs, he went out and tried his fortune in other ventures and ultimately came back to Apple and then brought back Apple to what it is now. A company we look forward to. A company with principles that are so inspiring. He in so many ways has taught our generation how to lead life.

Sample Answer – Two

There have been several people who have influenced me in so many ways. But, the one person I think who actually brought about a change in the way I think is my father. There is nothing particular as to why I admire him but there are so many things that make me fond of him.

I have never seen a man more hardworking and selfless than him. He would go out and do things right and that is what he has taught us. Starting from a broken family to unfaithful relationships to broken trust to so much more. Being born in a poor family and then rising to do what he has actually done, I think it is truly amazing. There are others like Bill Gates, Sachin Bansal and Indira Nooyi who people think to be successful and yes they are but sometimes I believe had my father also got the right environment, where people would have pushed him forward rather than backward, he might also have had a bungalow near the beach.

But, inspite of that, in spite of the fact that his family has always been against him and there have so many struggles, the one thing that I love and admire about my father is that he has always been very positive. Positive about the things around him, about his life and his future which I believe is truly amazing.



There are so many people we come across, so many of them from whom we learn things and then there are people whom we admire. In today’s cue card, talk about someone who you admire.

You can spend 2-3 minutes figuring out the points that you are going to say. Once you are ready, go on and hit the target. While practicing make sure that you don’t give up on the first attempt, you need to try as many times as you can, record it and then evaluate yourself. Make sure your last attempt is the your best one.

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