cue card#made you happy

Describe something that made you happy recently. You should say:
– what was the incident
-when was the incident
-why did make you happy

Sample Answer:

About a week back I had been feeling really stressed out and overworked due to my extra shifts at work. I was having very little sleep and was quite unable to take care of myself.

Over the weekend, my brother came to visit me to see how was getting along. He immediately noticed my put out state and began to worry.The next thing I knew, he was dragging me into town. He took me to all of my favourite city landmarks especially the ones next to the river.

Then we went to this fantastic restaurant and he treated me to the biggest ice cream sundae they had. We had a blast at the arcade followed by a trip to the movies. By the time we go home, I had all but forgotten my worries in my exhausted happiness.

Next morning on waking up I realized what a great time I had had, furthermore I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time. My brother showed me that sometimes all it takes to unwind is going out somewhere and enjoying the moment. This is an incident that will surely become a fond memory someday.



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