Cue Card # future course

Education is the one thing that empowers people and we are living in a time when it is not just about doctors or engineers any more. People are taking so many unconventional courses and doing great wonders. This time let us have a look at the CUE CARD SAMPLE ANSWER for the question asked in RECENT IELTS EXAM.

future course

Making notes

This is something that is going to help you when speaking because not only they give you the structure but also remind you of the vocabulary. Now, there are two parts to the notes that you make.

  1. Vocabulary notes
  2. Detail notes

The topic for the cue card is related to education, courses and your future. Some words, that can help you are –

  • intensive course
  • distance course
  • to meet a deadline
  • take a year out

These are the the answers that you get when you ask the questions to yourself.

Course : photography

Why: help in the blogging business

Where : foreign university like California institute of arts, JJ school of applied arts.

Impact : help in getting good photographs for the blog. make videos and expand the blog.



I had always wanted to do something that I was passionate about. However, the real trouble began when I simply did not knew my passions. So, I took an year out to figure out what really makes me go gaga. In the year out, I realized that I love writing and so started a blog of mine about the travel experiences I was having. With that going on roll, there were certain things the game of blogging told me. Like, you need to be a good photographer as well if you are thinking of planning a travel blog. It just gives you so much more space.

So, I wish to study photography in near time. There have been few universities that I looked on like the University of California and the JJ school of applied arts. They offer some really nice courses and the faculties tend to be really good. Being a good photographer helps in implementing the right thing for the blog. There are times when you get the content looking at the picture. So, when you don’t know the context of the picture you cannot justify the picture.

Even more, when working on a business there is so much more involved in it. One has to learn how to meet deadlines and an intensive course in a good university, just gives  you the right context. With photography, I think I will be able to take the blog to the next level. Bringing in video content like interviews or simply the real true mundane life and writing content to say what the picture could not.


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