CUE CARD – Describe a time when you helped a child.

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a time when you helped a child.


You should say:

    • When it was?
    • How you helped him/her?
    • Why you helped him/her?
    • And how you felt about it?
Sample Answer 

Once upon a sunny day, I saw a little kid who looked lost in a big park. The kid seemed really worried and was looking around with watery eyes. I went up to them and squatted down to talk, giving them a friendly smile. I asked if everything was okay and where their family might be. The kid slowly told me they got separated from their parents while playing.

In a soft voice, I said things would get better. I asked for their parents’ names and tried calling them, but nobody answered. I thought the kid might be getting even more worried, so I suggested we go to the park’s help center. Holding their hand, we walked there and talked to the people working. They made an announcement on the speakers, saying the parents’ names and where they were.

Not long after, the kid’s parents hurried to the help center, looking worried but happy when they saw the child. They hugged them tight and said thanks a lot for taking care of them. Seeing the family back together made me feel really good, and I was happy I could help when they were so worried. As they left, I couldn’t help but smile, feeling glad that I could bring some peace to the kid and their family.

Word Meaning Sentence
Announcement A formal statement about an occurrence Government announced about the new norms yesterday.
Worried troubled about potential problems Unemployed people are worried due to lack of job opportunities.

Speaking -Part 3 (Follow up questions)
Here are some examples of follow up questions that examiner may ask during your speaking (part 3) related to cue card ‘Describe a time when you helped a child’.

Q1. Should parents teach kids to help others?

Teaching kids to help others is important. It helps them become kind, caring people and makes the world better. For example, when kids share their toys with a friend, they learn how good it feels to make someone happy.

Q2. Do people do more good work now as compared to the past?

People are still doing good things, just like before. There are more chances now, but problems continue. People keep trying to make the world better. Just like in the past, people today volunteer to clean up parks, showing that the desire to do good hasn’t changed.



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