CUE CARD – Describe a time when you had a disagreement with someone

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a time when you had a disagreement with someone

  • Who was the person
  • Why did you have the disagreement
  • Was the issue resolved?
Sample Answer

Well,everyone has a different opinion, which can cause disagreements. Almost everyone
has had a disagreement once in their life. I vividly remember that after completing 12th
grade, I decided to go abroad for further education because of the lack of good infrastructure in my country and the enormous opportunities available in foreign countries. But my friend suggested that I not go out but rather stay and study in India. He also shared several demerits of studying in a foreign country, for instance, brain drain, expense, cultural difference, and many more. Gradually, it became a screaming match. A wise man jumped into our conversation. After hearing both sides, he suggested that the benefits of studying abroad outweigh its drawbacks. We can take various measures to overcome drawbacks, such as the fact that after completing our education, we can come back to our native country and use our education and skills for the betterment of the country. Later on, the dispute was settled. To conclude,there is nothing wrong with disagreements, but we should try to solve them peacefully.

Speaking -Part 3 (Follow up questions)

Here are some examples of follow up questions that examiner may ask during your speaking (part 3)related to cue card ‘Describe a time when you had a disagreement with someone’
Q1. How to solve a disagreement peacefully?
People tend to disagree when they don’t understand each other so first, seek to
understand and appreciate. Secondly, to solve a disagreement is to use positive language
and look for similarities, not differences.

Q2. What do you do when you have a disagreement with your parents?
To be honest, I hate conflict of any sort. I am the kind of person who would go and
apologise. I guess through effective communication and boundaries, one can disagree in a
respectful way with parents.



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