CUE CARD – Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about
You should say:

    • Who he/she is ?
    • When you met him/her ?
    • Why do you want to know more about him/her?
    • And, how do you feel about it ?


Sample Answer

Over the course of my life, I have come across several people and I really love to talk to new people. So, today I am going to talk about one such person, whom I found very motivational, and thus, wanted to know more about her.

Her name is Selena Gomez. She is a globally popular American singer, who is known for her great contribution to the field of music, and her kind nature. I did not know her until one of my really close friends, Riya took me to her concert, which was held in California on a lazy weekend night. At first, I did not want to go, as I was really tired of the week-long office work and wanted to take a good nap. But she insisted on me a lot and so, I finally went with her. She was really excited to meet her, as she booked the exclusive front-row tickets for the show. When I reached the stadium, I was absolutely startled by the huge never ending crowd, that was present there, just to get a glimpse of her. We somehow managed to make space for ourselves and grabbed our seats.

The concert was an hour long, and she ended it with a heart-touching motivational speech, which really brought me to tears, like everyone else. Her speech moved me so much, that I really wanted to meet her and so, I requested Riya to take me and she was making her way down the stage, we finally managed to meet her in the green room. Even though it was not a long meeting, I was really jubilant that I met her.

Since then, I started following her on all her social media accounts, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other. I really enjoy listening to all her songs, because I can relate to every single lyric that she weaves in her song. Her music lifts me up on my lows and serves as a reminder of the good things that exist in this competitive world. I feel that she is really a genuine person, who has worked really hard to achieve her dreams and is an inspiration for many people, especially the young girls out there to become independent and make their own choices. I absolutely adore this woman, because she has helped a lot of needy lupus patients by getting them treated with the necessary medical aid.

Therefore, she is the person I met once and want to know more about if I get a chance.

 Speaking -Part 3 (Follow up questions)
Here are some examples of follow up questions that examiner may ask during your speaking (part 3) related to cue card ‘Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about.

Q1. How do people make friends in India ?

There are a lot of social networking sites, where people can get familiar with each other and become friends such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Apart from that, people make friends on special events, like, family parties or weddings and many other occasions, where individuals gather to enjoy the function.

Q2. Is it important to have the same hobbies and interests when making friends?

Well, I do not think so, because every person has his/her own perception of life. So, it is quite impossible to find someone who shares similar interests and hobbies as us. Moreover, it would become very boring for us to enjoy ourselves if someone has common interests. Therefore, in my opinion, I do not think that it is important to have the same hobbies and interests when making friends.

Q3. What qualities make true friends ?

I firmly believe that a friend is the greatest blessing a person can have in his life, and a true friend always sticks to our side, whenever we are thrown by the great adversities of life. A true friend will always feel happy for us on our highs and motivate us to never give up on our lows. He will make sure that we always choose to walk on the right path, and abstains from doing wrong things in life. Thus, these are some of the qualities which make someone a true friend.


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