CUE CARD – Describe a person who likes to grow plants.

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a person who likes to grow plants.

You should say:

    • Who the person is?
    • How do you know the person?
    • What type of plants does he/she grow?
    • Why does he/she grow plants?
Sample Answer 

Since my neighbor is a true environmentalist, I’ve decided to talk about her. She is the only person who comes to mind when I read this cue card right away since her zest and enthusiasm for home gardening has always motivated me. She is my grandmother and is well-known in my neighborhood, because of her affinity for gardening.

She had indulged in gardening ever since she was a child. I must admit that she tends to her plants in her garden most of the time. Her entire patio and backyard were completely covered in a variety of flowers, which caught me off guard. She comes from a farming family and learns all farming skills as a young girl, including how to grow plants organically and what nutrients they require to withstand pests and illnesses. As a result, she has an extensive understanding of plants.

She cultivates a wide variety of flowers in vibrant pots of all sizes and forms. She also grew domestically useful plants, such as fruits, vegetables, and spices. Also, there is a beautiful guava tree on her lawn, and I must admit that her garden is exceptional. In addition to this, she has created other methods for growing plants in containers such as waste bins, boxes, and trays that don’t take up a lot of room. These plants can produce a good yield in addition to their outstanding development.

Whenever I used to pay a visit to her place, she would be so excited to show her small kitchen garden to me. Infact, she used to teach me as well the plethora of ways in which she used to garden like grafting, layering, division, budding and many more. I genuinely feel exhilarated every time I see her busy with her plants.

Thus, this is a person who adores growing plants.

Word Meaning Sentence
Zest zeal One should have the zest to work hard for one’s dreams.
Exhilarated thrilled I was quite exhilarated after sky diving.

Speaking -Part 3 (Follow up questions)
Here are some examples of follow up questions that examiner may ask during your speaking (part 3) related to cue card ‘Describe a person who likes to grow plants’.

Q1. Do people in India like to gift plants?
Unfortunately, it is still not a trend in my country as maintaining a plant requires a lot of hard work and effort. And people nowadays do not have much time left after a tedious work life.

Q2. Do you think kids should learn how to grow plants?
Definitely, it is a great idea to teach children how to grow plants as not only is it a fun recreational activity, but also, a great hobby to learn and grow. It also adds on to their skillset and is quite productive for their overall development. Moreover, they will stay close to nature.

Q3. What is the difference between traditional and modern farming?
There is actually a huge difference between the two. The classical method of farming was more organic, as only cow dung was used as manure in the fields, which is not the case now, as farmers today use harmful chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers. Although earlier people used to use ploughs to level the farm, with the advent of technology ploughing has become a less laborious job as tractors are there.

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