CUE CARD -Describe a movie that you felt strongly.

Speaking -Part 2 (Cue Card)

You should say:

  • What it was?
  • When you watched it?
  • What it was about?
Sample Answer

Well, I am a cinephile. I enjoy binge-watching movies of all types. Movies can fulfill
several purposes such as education ,entertainment ,inspiration and culture exchange.
Movies serve as a medium to unite people .So far ,I have watched many movies,however
the movie which i felt strongly is The Wolf of Wall street. I watched the movie couple of years ago after the recommendation of one of my closest friends. The movie is based on the true story of Jordan belfort .It shows the rise and fall which an entrepreneur has to tackle and how his company was engaged in stock trading scams
The movie is directed by Martin Scorsese. The cast of this movie consists of Leonardo
DiCaprio ,Jonah Hill , Margot Robbie, and Mathew McConaughey. The character of Jordan
Belfort depicts what an entrepreneur shouldn’t be . He was driven by greed in the movie ,his urge to become rich forced him to choose the wrong path which ultimately led to his
downfall.The main theme behind the movie is to tell viewers that overindulgence in
materialism results to greed ,addiction and corruption

Speaking -Part 3 (Follow up questions)

Here are some examples of follow up questions that examiner may ask during your speaking (part 3)related to cue card ‘DESCRIBE A MOVIE THAT YOU FELT STRONGLY.’

Q1. Should children be stopped from watching movies?

Ans. In my opinion, we should not stop children from watching movies as they can
learn various complex topics such as science, entrepreneurship, etc. easily just by watching and it also teaches various moral values.

Q2. Should there be age restrictions on movies?

Ans.YES , should be age restriction on movies as there are some movies which
promotes violence, open use to drugs and alcohol which may have adverse effects on young minds and it can be detrimental.

Word Meaning Example
Binge To do a lot of something.
Cookie tend to binge on
popcorns while watching
Overindulgence Act of having too much of
Overindulgence in fast food and beverages leads to obesity.

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