Report Bad News # Essay For IELTS

The media should limit on how much bad news they report because it discourages people from doing activities which usually involve very little risk. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Write at least 250 words.

[PARA 1]

We become what we think, and mostly we think what we see. Media surely has a very important role in our lives. The general decisions about our lives are almost dependent on the news given by media. More importantly, with the globalization we all get to know about things happening around the world. There are so many achievements, inventions and also crime taking place at every moment around the world. The more the media gives attention to a particular topic, more are its chances of getting attention by the common person.

[PARA 2]

Media surely can change the outlook of individuals from negative to positive or vice versa. For example-: if media constantly flashes the news of rape or murders, it is obvious that people will stop their girls or women to step out of the house or take extra care about things around. Constant bad news often causes a level of mistrust among people. Even more there are people who going through a rocky phase in their lives, listening to bad news constantly can cause more negativity in them.

[PARA 3]

However, it cannot be denied that people have the right to know about the things happening around. For example-: if there is a terrorist attack, it is the right of an individual to know about it. Denying people news like this would let them live in an illusion. Even more media could also be quite helpful in the rough times. for example-: when Nepal was hit by earthquake, media coverage made it possible for people to know the condition the people in Nepal are left to live in. This initiated many donations and other helps.

[PARA 4]

Overall, everything works on balance. Although showing only good would make people live in illusion, reporting only bad may make them negative. It must be prioritized by media to show both the aspects of livelihood.



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