Poor Student Behavior # Essay For IELTS

Many schools these days have problems with poor student behavior. Why do you think these problems occur? What could be done to tackle these problems?

A child is the mirror of society, he portrays exactly what he sees. We are living in 20xx and the world is changing with a speed like never before. More people are becoming independent, more people are earning more money, more people don’t have time and more people don’t know how their children are! This is a dark fact of our present society and those living in an illusion that they are very close to their kids need a wakeup call. There are numerous ill-effects of this but the most threatening is that a poor student behavior is being observed in schools.

Media can be truly regarded as the foremost reason behind it. It could either be television or movies or internet. The content displayed, has drastically changed for the worse. A decade ago maximum number of shows could be watched with family; these days the creators are more concerned about high ratings than the ill effects of the shows. For example, if there is a joke about teacher in a comedy show, the children watching it try to imitate with their own teacher, leading to embarrassing situations. Even more, the content of movies has become questionable. The effects worsen when kids try to imitate their favorite stars.

Poor parenting can be considered the second most important reason. Most of the parents living in urban cities don’t have time for their children. They usually don’t know what they are doing or what they are watching. As a result, more kids are becoming violent or irresponsible because they know that they might not get into trouble for whatever they do.

A child is like clay, whichever way you mould it becomes of that shape. If the behavior of kids need to be improved, the parents need to increase their presence in child’s life. A child must be aware of the consequences he/she can face for a particular action. Even more there should be more of teacher parent interaction. A teacher must know what the child does at home and a parent must be aware of his/her child’s doing at school.

To sum up, it can be said that the world is changing and if we don’t put an eye on our kids the future of this world is quite threatening.


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