IELTS Writing Sample Answer # Technology For Communication

More and more businesses as well as individuals are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than face to face interaction.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for communication?

Technology has brought about a considerable shift in the way communication between individuals and companies take place; a shift from the traditional face to face interaction towards online communication. However, the central question is whether the change is positive, or whether there are more drawbacks than advantages?

One of the major plus points of online interaction is there are less chances of fraud. No one can deny that they have said a particular thing as there is record of everything. For instance, if a company promises to offer its employee a bonus of 1000 and the information is sent via mail, the organisation cannot deny having send it. If it does, it has to prove that the mail was malicious.


Secondly, online interaction seems to fit in the busy world we live in. Most people don’t have time to travel, but they still can interact with people they want to in just a click. Even more, it bridges the gap between people living far away. Example- friends who don’t meet regularly can stay in touch using any of the social media sites.

On the other hand it can be very easy to get distracted if you are constantly chatting online. Like, in a recent survey it was found out that people who used social media tend to be lesser effective at work than those who avoided there use during work. Another major disadvantage of online interaction is the security issue. Since the entire communication is online, it is quite possible that someone might drop in the conversation and steal the important passwords or information.

To conclude, there are both positives and negatives to the use of technology for communication. In spite of the fact that it brings people together and eases communication, some people don’t find it reliable in case of secret information. Personally, I believe that although technology makes life easier one must not entirely depend on it for everything.