IELTS Essay # Homeless People

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
There has been an increase in the number of homeless people all around the world.
What are the causes of it?
You should write at least 250 words.


Home is the one place everyone wants to go after a long tired journey, be the journey of everyday office or of something as exciting as going on a world tour. But, there are so many people all around the world that are deprived of a beautiful comfortable home. There are people who need to live in sheds across the the roads and even worse some don’t even have that.

Many people across the world have left their homes in search of jobs in different parts of the country or world. While it is easy to leave the house, it is not very easy to get a job, leaving people homeless and jobless. There are even some children who shed away their responsibility of parents and send them to home shelters. These people are not only deprived of the love and care they deserve when they get old but also of the home they have built in their lives.


Even more, there has been an increase in the crime rate all over the world. With the number of children being kidnapped all over the world, they are being forced into beggary or prostitution, taking away their home and beautiful life. In addition, with wars happening around the world, there are so many people who lose their accommodation and have to live in the refugee camps before any country accepts them. Sometimes this wait is only for some years while other times it extends to life time. Other factors such as natural calamities also play a role in taking away the homes.

Overall, surely there has been an increase in the number of people losing their accommodation. It not only causes them physical pain but as well mental agony. In my opinion, the government should surely take initiatives to ensure that more and more people have stable homes to live in. (312 Words)

Hints: Reasons for Homeless People

  1. There are people who are not able to afford a good home because of their limited income. As a result they are not able to access affordable housing and heath support.
  2. There are people in the world that are facing discrimination. As a result, even though they have the money, people are not ready to give them home, leaving them homeless.
  3. There has been an increase in the population over the past decade. Although the population has increased, the land remains the same. As a result, not much land is available to build houses, leaving people homeless.
  4. Other factors that are responsible for leaving people homeless could be – natural disasters, loss of job, family issues.


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