Essay topics # space exploration

The vaster your knowledge about general things around the world, the better are your chances of getting a high score in IELTS. Given below are essay topics about space exploration that recently came in IELTS. Go on practice them and make sure you develop a content for all of them.

  1. There are people of the opinion that the money and the resources being spent on space exploration is a waste. There are issues related to society that need to be solved and money must be spent there.To what extent do you agree?
  2. We are exploring the universe to an extent that we have forgotten that there is so much that needs to be explored about the Earth. Discuss different views on exploring the universe.
  3. There are two views about space exploration. Some people are of the view that it is waste of resources while others believe it is quite necessary.
    Discuss both the sides and give your opinion.

Writing essays is an art. You need to know how to portray exactly what you want to.

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