IELTS WRITING TASK 2 Government or teachers responsible?


Government or teachers responsible

  • Should the government or teachers be responsible for what is to be taught in schools?
  • Give reason for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.
  • You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write at least 250 words.

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Sample Answer
Whether the school teachers or the government should take the onus of the education imparted in educational institutes is a moot point. I personally believe that both the teachers and the policy makers should play an active role in planning, devising and implementing the curriculum at all levels of education.

To begin with, most of the countries in the contemporary world have a Ministry Of Education which deals with all the matters and policies regarding education. The Ministry appoints academicians and administrative staff who plan and formulate the curriculum for all the classes in the primary, secondary or high schools. Not only that, they also give directions to the schools about the number and type of assessments which will be used to check the students’ progress. Furthermore, this department can make changes and amendments as and when required depending on the feedback received from the schools and parents.

However, the educators who actually teach the students in a classroom situation also play a vital role in the educational system. They are the ones who follow the curriculum and deliver the lectures using a wide range of audio-visual aids. Although curriculum designing is of paramount importance, the value of an effective teacher cannot be overlooked. They can arouse interest and inquisitiveness of learners which helps in better understanding of the topics.

All in all, the government and the teachers together make the educational machinery run. There has to be a close association and cohesiveness between the two in order to increase the level of education of a nation.

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  • Sagnik Chakraborti

    Should the government or teachers to be responsible for what to be taught in school?

    The proliferation of education is what emancipates us from the shackles of irrationality, prejudice and the darkness of blind beliefs. By driving us toward the realm of reasons it shows us our rights, incorporates in us values and makes us aware of our potential. Hence it is the most indispensable part of a society. This is also why the content of education demands supreme importance. This should thus be decided by men of awareness, experience and wisdom with an ability of foresight. Whereas comes the need of foresightedness, very few can match the superiority of teachers. Being unbiased, rich with values and with an remarkable power of vision they are in best position to decide upon in which direction the society should move. Also they are ideal to determine the gap between what should be done and what is done and how much effort should be put to reach the objective. One may argue that where authority falls short of deciding the same. They may claim that being at the hegemony of power, supported by mass they are the best to decide upon the educational content. However, the rise of subalterns in world politics is telling a very different story. Their rise to prominence in world’s politics proved to be blinding the unbiased eye of authority. It cracked open their fledgling status which is as terrible and terrifying as destruction. They are picked by the popular beliefs of mass who mostly are shortsighted and can easily be driven. In contrast teachers go through a tough test of intellect, skill for their achievement. Their study, knowledge develops in them a strong sense of morality that enables them to justify what is right and what is not. Hence they are visioned, good willed who shape the society by shaping its future generation. Undoubtedly they are the right persons to decide upon the educational content. The government can at best intervene to assure the process of selection of teachers are accomplished with fairness. But at present most of the government are proving to be manipulating, corrupt which may have its dire consequence upon the next generation. Not only they are whimsically changing syllabi, delivering false information of history but also making the process of fairness questionable. Their policies are also more laced in interest of profitability and selfishness than goodwill and vision. To be precise they are abusing the ignorance of people to reap benefit. The opposition should thus grow strong and assume its role to point out to the flaws, disguised evil behind the policies. Instead of being traded they should increase the threat of dethroning the corrupt in order to curb the demon of disorder and restore the glory of teachers. It is also the only way to drive the society toward prosperity, productivity and happiness. To conclude we should pay heed to Chandril’s remark on why mass’s choice should not be trusted: A monkey can write a correct word by haphazardly typing a keyboard. It may also press a right switch in an airplane by haphazard pressing. But can a monkey be trusted for the latter while it may be sometimes in the former? To put in other words, shortsightedness and ignorance prevents mass most of the times to realise their own good and hence their choice  should not be trusted when it comes about anything of major importance as shaping a society.

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