IELTS Cue Card # Design of a building you visited and liked

IELTS Cue Card, Design of a building you visited and liked

Describe a design of a building you visited and liked

  • where is the building
  • when you visited
  • why you liked

Explain why you found the building very interesting

Sample Answer

I have had the opportunity to visit various regions and states in my country, thanks to my father’s transferable job. It’s been two years since we came to Dehradun and we have exploited every chance to go around the places located in and around this picturesque landscape. Just last month I accompanied my dad on his tour to Nainital, one of the famous hill stations of India. Before embarking on my journey, I made my bucket list of the places to visit in Nainital. Amongst them was a tour of the Governor’s house-known for its magnificent looks and age-old charming gothic style architecture. Rajbhavan was built by the British during pre-independence era. It is spread over more than 200 acres of land having around 70 rooms. The golf course of Raj Bhavan is one of the vintage golf courses in India. A splendid garden, a swimming pool and lush green vast area of deodar and oak trees increase the attractiveness of this building.
I was spellbound to witness the royal Burma teakwood staircase and brilliantly carved , elaborate window panels. Also, rich sprawling gardens and golf course are a treat for the eyes. The beauty of this monument will always remain fresh in my mind. (205 Words.)

Follow Up Questions about Building

Q1 . Do you think the governments should maintain the historical buildings?
ANS I personally believe that the historical monuments are our pride and heritage. They are of paramount importance not only due to their educational value but tourism potential also. Therefore, the governments should take it in their endeavour to preserve and restore these monuments.

Q2 . Why do people like to visit historical buildings?
ANS There are number of reasons why people visit old age monuments like forts, palaces, temples etc. The primary reason is that international tourists like to witness the beauty and splendor of these building apart from gaining an insight into the culture and traditions of the country they have travelled into. Secondly, the natives find it satisfying to reminisce about their rich past and making younger generations connect with it.

Q3 . What kinds of buildings are popular in India?
ANS India is a developing country and modernization is evident from the various multistorey edifices that have come up all over India. For instance, shopping malls, airports, office complexes etc. However, my country has had a rich past, traces of which can be seen in archaeological monuments in different regions of India. These historical buildings, temples, forts and palaces have influences of Mughal and British style architecture. These buildings are in fact the major tourist attractions.

Q4 . Should governments try to make buildings more beautiful?
ANS In my personal opinion, buildings impart a distinct identity to a particular place. A town or a megacity is remembered through its monuments or skyscrapers. A good example here would be the city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan which is known as pink city due to efforts of the government and people to give it a unique character. Also, clean, well painted and attractive buildings are aesthetically appealing.


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