IELTS Cue Card #Describe a mistake you made

Here is latest cue card question. IELTS Band9 level answer

Describe a mistake you made

    • what the mistake was
    • when you made it
    • why you made it

And explain how it affected you.

Here is latest cue card question November 2016. Describe a mistake you made. Sample answer is on Level IELTS Band9. Best BAND7 IELTS Dehradun IELTS online simulator IELTS BAND 7 Coaching Classes

Sample Answer

To err is human. Today, I’m going to talk about a mistake I made when I was in 6th class.

One day my sister was quite unwell. She was suffering from fever. There was only one doctor in my village and there were no mobile phones at that time. The only way to call the doctor was to send someone to fetch him. Unfortunately, my father had gone somewhere.  My mother asked me to go to the doctor. Since it was quite cold and dark outside, I told her that I would fetch the doctor tomorrow.

In the night my sister’s condition deteriorated, her fever was touching the mark of 104-105 degree Fahrenheit. She started murmuring. That was the most difficult time for me and my mummy. I was cursing myself. If I had gone to the doctor on time, my sister would not have been in this situation.

I made this mistake without realizing that I was making a mistake. I was a child and I had no idea about how high fever can be life threatening for someone.

This incident affected me a lot. With God’s grace and my mother’s efforts, my sister survived. But, her complete recovery took a long time. Now, I am much more careful about health and I never ignore any kind of health problems.


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