IELTS Speaking part 3 questions related to arriving early or late

IELTS Speaking part 3 questions related to arriving early/late

Q. 1: In what kinds of situations should people arrive early?

Answer:  In my view, those who are working or seeking jobs should arrive early for official meetings, performance reviews and job interviews. As far as students are concerned, they should be punctual for their classes or lectures.

Q.2: How important is it to arrive early in your country?

Answer 1: It’s a pity but most people in my country don’t value time. Arriving late is a norm. Be it a birthday party or a wedding ceremony or any other special occasion, guests are often late and hosts have to wait a long time for them to arrive. Not only ordinary people, even high profile politicians and celebrities are not punctual for public meetings or events.

Answer 2: People in my country give a lot of value to punctuality. They arrive on or before time for all meetings and appointments. In fact, social gatherings have timings and people happily stick to them.

Q.3: How can modern technology help people arrive early?

Answer: Modern technology can make a considerble difference in helping people to arrive early. Many commuters get stuck in traffic jams and get late for their offices. These days smartphones are equipped with navigation applications which display traffic conditions in real time on major roads and highways. Even suggestions for alternative routes are given. If people use these applications, I think they can reach in time.

Q.4: What kinds of jobs require the most patience?

Answer: In my view, patience is a vital trait that is needed in almost all kinds of jobs. But, professionals like doctors, nurses, researchers and teachers are expected to have a higher level of patience as compared to others. If these people become impatient, it will affect the quality of their work.

Q.5: Is it always better to be patient in work or studies?

Answer: As far as studies are concerned, learning is a gradual process and students have to be patient. It’s not possible to become the master of a subject in a short span of time. It takes years of efforts to develop an in-depth knowledge of any field. Regarding work too, I think people can perform better if they stay calm and concentrate on their work

Q. 6: Do you agree or disagree that the older the people are, the more patient they are?

Answer: I disagree with this view. In my opinion, people become more impatient as they age. I can give you an example of my grandparents. They are in their seventies. It’s quite hard for them to wait for anything, be it their meals or medicines, they want everything immediately. But, this wasn’t the case few years ago. I think this change in their behaviour is an effect of aging.


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