IELTS Letter #Vacation at the home

IELTS Letter #Vacation at the home

You recently spent a vacation at the home of some friend who lives in a different city. Write a letter to your friend and thank them for letting you stay with them. Describe some things you enjoyed about your vacation and invite him/her to come over at your place.

IELTS Letter #Vacation at the home, IELTS BAND7 DEHRADUNSample Answer

Dear Rihanna,
It was lovely meeting you after so many years and you haven’t changed a bit in all this time. Thanks for inviting me to your house. I enjoyed my stay and let me tell you, your house is a beautiful place to be at.
I had been thinking of visiting you for a long time but busy schedule and work made it all so difficult. When you called me up last week, I knew this was my chance and I didn’t think twice before packing my bags and leaving. The fact that it was a bank holiday weekend put icing on the cake.
Your city is vibrant and it’s filled with great museums. You know how much I love art so thanks for taking me to the world class museums in your city. The souvenir of Big Ben that you bought for me deserves a special mention. The comedy show was pretty funny and I wish I had got a chance to heckle at the comic myself. The taste of that delicious homemade stew is still present in my mouth and I can’t wait to try your mother’s recipe myself.
There is a carnival coming up next month so why don’t you plan something then? You took good care of me and it’s my turn to do the honours. (219 Words)


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