IELTS Essay Sample Question # Advertisements

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Advertisements have harmful effects on the society. Do you agree or disagree?

You should write 250 words.


[Paraphrasing the question]

Advertisements have a deepening impact on the lives of the individuals and society at large. Since the inception of advertisements, there have been debates on whether it informs or misleads the society. With institutions in place to check the content and correctness of an advertisement, in my opinion, for the most part, advertisements focus on informing more than misleading.

[Body Part I]

Countries all over the world have powerful consumer watch bodies or self-governing agencies to ensure no harm to consumers. For example, the Advertisement Standards Council of India regulates advertisements in India. The job of these institutions is to ensure that the consumer gets the right description of the product being sold.

[Body Part II]

The entry of internet in the market has changed the game altogether. With more people having access to the internet, individuals are more likely to do a market research before buying an expensive product. Few people, often do a comparison between different products, on the price and understand better before buying.


With a knowledge base of zillion bytes and information on a click, fooling consumers has become difficult for the advertising companies. In addition, various regulatory bodies ensure that advertisements in large have a positive impact on the society at large. Although one cannot deny the manipulating powers of the advertisement, several other sources have come up to ensure less of that happens.


IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Communication

Humans are social animal and communication is need of every individual. However, there has been a reduction in the amount of time people are spending with their family members in present times.

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Communication between family members has decreased in recent times. Do you agree or disagree?

You should write at least 250 words.


[Part 1 – Paraphrasing the question ]

Modern times have shown an increase in the number of people commuting across the globe in search of better opportunities. With the world expanding, citizens all over are facing psychological issues with the nomadic lifestyle, often leaving people depressed. Some believe that nowadays, number of people tend to have weak ties with their family members. In my opinion, family links are weakening for the advancement of technology and new ways of living.

[Part II – body: your example ]

The world has been taken aback by the exponential growth in technology. From times when it took months for messages to spread across, the world now can interact with the click of a button. With inventions like the internet, mobile phones and personal computing people often tend to spend more time on these devices than communicating with family members. An average Indian spend around 160 minutes daily on apps on the phone.

[Part II – body: your example ]

People are traveling more than ever in search of jobs or career advancement. This has caused an increase in the work pressure often leaving people clubbed into smaller groups. Adding to it are more working hours and reduced number of holidays adding up to the pathetic state of lives individuals are forced to live in. This results in people spending less quality time with their family members, especially the extended family.

[Part III – Conclusion]

Modern lifestyle constituting workaholics and tech-savvy people have changed the entire picture of the way society functions. Nuclear families are taking shape along with changes in work life, leaves little time for family and the trend is likely to continue in future.


commuting – travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis.

nomadic – living the life of a nomad; wandering.

workaholics – a person who compulsively works excessively hard and long hours.


IELTS Essay Sample Questions # Restaurants

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that restaurants are a waste of time and it is cheaper and healthier to cook at home.

Do you agree or disagree?

You should write at least 250 words.


Home preparation of meals has been the traditional way of consuming meals. However, with changes in our lifestyles, eating habits of most people have seen a clear shift. These developments are often seen in negative light and in my opinion when eating at a restaurant becomes a daily habit, is gloomy for us.

Firstly, the restaurant often offers fast food, which impacts the quality of food. Most often, the methods of preparation are such that they produce maximum benefits to the owners, not taking in much account the health factors for the consumers. Even more, most restaurants offer foods that are quickly prepared. These are the foods prepared using preservatives and colors which often harm the individual.

Secondly, eating at a restaurant on daily basis means longer working hours. Although, eating outside releases the workload on individuals, more so because in present times, the number of women working outside is increasing, it increases stress. The modern lifestyle has increased nuclear families with little to no time left for family bonding. In traditional ways, through making food or sitting over at night, the bond was created. The culture of restaurants does give us food with little effort but takes away the quality time in preparation of food.

Overall, times have changed and the ways of living have as well. However, in the muddled world of ours, if we can choose to eat together and at home, there is a possibility of sanity across humanity.


IELTS Essay Sample Questions # News in Schools

The news is often considered an important aspect of our lives, especially international school. With the advancement in technology and the fast-paced lives we are leading, some people speculate that very soon, students will be taught news in schools. Although there are people who look this is a welcome news some people stand against it.This time we are looking at an IELTS writing essay question on this topic.

You should spend 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that secondary school students should study international news as part of their school curriculum.

Other people believe that it is waste of the school resources.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.


Global media has made its mark over the years to an extent that some people anticipate its presence in the schools in near future. However, others consider it an evil that might impact the lives of children, owing to the negative contribution the international news makes at a larger scale. In my opinion, news can have a dangerous political impact owing to the nature of international news.

Firstly, considering the importance of education in current society, introducing news to curriculum, might add the burden for students, especially owing to the imbalance in most of the news channels. In our current society, most media houses depict what seems safe and often politically correct. In addition, most of the media houses run news that fetches the most ratings. For instance, the personal lives of sportspersons. Therefore, shifting the focus of students from traditional subjects like music, geography to watching politically partisan news channel is an extremely risky idea.

Secondly, international news as a course curriculum could have a detrimental impact on the emotional lives of the children. Since more than 85% of the news is negative, often relating to murders, rape or disasters, it can develop a sense of mistrust and often lead them to question society in large when their focus must be on developing their skills.

Overall, the international news brings along with it the risk of being inordinately negative and have a political influence and hence must be avoided as a curriculum in secondary schools.



meaning – regard as probable; expect or predict.

synonyms – assume, await, count on, forecast, foresee, prepare for, conjecture,


meaning – the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.

synonyms – educational, syllabus, program


meaning – a strong supporter of a party, cause, or person.

synonyms – biased, one-sided, sectarian, sympathetic


meaning – tending to cause harm

synonym – adverse, destructive, disturbing, harmful, hurtful, inimical, pernicious


meaning – to an unusually or disproportionately large degree; excessively.

synonym – enormously, excessively, extraordinarily, extremely, vastly, remarkably



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