Describe the weather. 

You should say:

  • what the weather currently looks like
  • how the weather changes over time
  • how the weather impacts your daily life

and explain how the weather makes you feel at different times.


Sample Answer:

Right now we are in the Autumn season of fading October. The weather seems to be rather chilly, foggy, murky or grey if you will. In particular, the clouds have been obscuring the sun for the past week or so. Although thus far it has not yet rained properly, only slight drizzles have occurred that last for a quarter-hour at the maximum. Meaning that currently, I have to wear light woollens if I don’t want to freeze or feel numb.

Speaking of which, whenever I go out for walks I have noticed that in the mornings there is a cold stiff breeze and heavy fog. On the other hand, in the afternoons the clouds seem to give a bit of leeway, letting some feeble sunlight through to warm the frost off.

The days are overcasting and dark, which can sometimes affect my mood negatively. Soon however it will get even colder and glummer. Personly I don’t really look forward to winter seasons as the weather always becomes turbulent and unpredictable. During such weather I tend to feel lazy and unproductive, wanting to remain inside and inactive.

Rather I much prefer the fresh breeze of the spring, the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of summer. Similarly, there is no problem of humidity or unannounced rainstorms in these seasons. I always feel far more productive in the springtime, I seem to get a whole year worth of work done in a day! It appears my mood lifts as the sun comes and the breeze goes. Although I don’t seem to be affected much with the change in humidity levels since I learned to adapt my skincare routine long ago.

Overall, the weather is a very important governing factor on my mood and in my life.


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