The Unconventional Ways: IELTS

You must have heard, “ I want this by hook or by crook”. So, if you want a good score in IELTS by hook or by crook, I bring to you some of the unconventional ways of preparing for IELTS.

1.Record yourself-: you are your best critic. While preparing for IELTS, and especially the speaking section, record whatever you are saying. It could be a speech or an answer or anything else that you are what you have recorded and be a hard critic. Most of times you will realize the silly mistakes you make. In doing this you become more conscious of what you are speaking and hence speak better the next time

2.Read for fun-: while preparing for IELTS it so happens that the fun part of learning is lost. You are at no fault. Preparing for an exam in a language you barely know, could be stressing. This stress can be avoided without compromising with your practice. Read for fun. Read comics or books or magazines that you like to read. It could even be a facebook post or may be some story. There is a wide range of things that you can read. Remember, read for fun. It could be even be a joke. Losen the stress, read more and prepare well.

3.Play scrabble-: there is an old adage that perfectly fits here, “ all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. There are so many of you who like to play games. Don’t stop playing if you like it. All you need to do is change the game. Try playing scrabble. It is a board game wherein you make words. You don’t have scrabble at hom? Doesn’t matter. You could even play it online. If there pops up a word that you do not know, find out its meaning. Learning should always be fun.

4.Watch movies-: how can you watch movies when preparing for IELTS? The best part about preparing for IELTS is that it brings with it lot of fun. Watch English movies. The better way to do this is download the script of the movie and choose a role. rehearse the dialogs of your role. try to speak the way they are speaking in the movie. Focus when they pause, when they slow down etc.

Learning is fun and it has always been. Remember, the more fun you are having while learning, the better you will learn and the higher you will fly.

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