Dont’s Of The Speaking Section

Sometimes it is better to know what not to do rather than knowing what to do. So, here are the Dont’s Of The Speaking Section-:

  • Don’t speak in a monotone. Speak with enthusiasm.
  • Don’t give yes or no answers.
  • Don’t repeat the question. For example-:Do you like sports. Yes I like sports. Prefer,Yes there are many sports I find fun and engaging.
  • Don’t go off the topic.Don’t expand too much that you forget the topic. For e.g. Don’t start with Toronto and lead to education and technology.
  • Don’t say I don’t know. You should know about yourself.
  • Don’t speak too quickly or too slowly.
  • Practice speaking in environments you get nervous.

Don’t worry about being perfect. Even if you are aiming for a band 9 you need not to be perfect! If you make mistakes and can correct easily, do that. If you can’t do that, don’t. It might be possible the examiner did not even noticed it.


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