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Statement of Interest (SoI) / Statement of Purpose (SoP) Sample

Since becoming an independent discipline in the 1960s, Computer Science has attracted many young minds. From an early age I too have had a keen interest in computation and its practical applications. I am currently a final year Bachelor’s student in Computer Science and Engineering at Doon University, India. My objective of pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo is to enhance my existing knowledge, learn new skills and become a researcher.

During my Bachelor’s I have had a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer science such as Computer graphics, software engineering, database systems, data structure and algorithm and web technology. However, the fields that have stirred me the most are Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. My passion for data enabled me to achieve an A+ in data mining and now in my final year of study I have moved on from a theoretical to a more practical approach in data mining.

I am currently working on Sentiment Analysis of Twitter data using Natural language processing. The aim of this project is to determine the attitudes of people towards various mobile phones manufactured by renowned companies such as Apple, Samsung and HTC etc. by analyzing the views of various users given on I selected the data from 10,000 tweets. The main essence of this analysis was to extract subjective information from the tweets. To derive the integer values of the subjective words I used the AFINN, a word list for Sentiment Analysis in Twitter. The Baseline Model was used to carry out the analysis. I successfully generated positive or negative points for each product.

To check the accuracy of these results I decided to employ three different types of machine learning algorithms namely, Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machine and Maximum Entropy. Preliminary results derived from these algorithms are inconsistent with the ones obtained from the previous analysis. During the course of this project, I learnt programming in Python. All data analysis codes were written in Python.
Apart from this, in my third year I worked on a Dot Net project (using C#). The primary objective of this project was to reduce the burden on students who needed to take leave from the hostel. I was expected to create an online out-pass, a ticket to leave the hostel at any time by just applying for it online. The Out-pass system was my venture into real world programming. The toughest part of the project was creating and accessing the databases because of their large sizes. In the end, the project was a huge success.

During my B.Tech. I have also gathered valuable experience in interacting with faculty members and developed presentation skills via technical discussions and presentations. I obtained an overall IELTS band score of 7.0 (Listening: 7.5, Reading: 7.0, Writing: 7.0, Speaking: 6.5). Considering my data analysis, programming and English language skills I believe that I can successfully complete the graduate program at University of Waterloo.

In my Master’s I would like to expand my knowledge of the latest methods of data analysis which can be applied in Business Intelligence. In addition, I wish to study and do research under Dr. Robin Cohen whose papers on Multi-agent systems and social network analysis and mining have been greatly revered. Owing to research and development, the field of Business Intelligence has witnessed tremendous progress in recent years. In the future I aspire to do PhD in this field to predict the influence of Social Networking data on various organizations.

Throughout my education I have had a very good academic record. I was awarded a 50% tuition waiver by Doon University, Dehradun for the year 2014 for scoring 93.6% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the 12th grade. I have also worked as a part-time volunteer teacher in summers for 3 years at M.G. Senior Secondary School, Dehradun, India. It was basically a program aimed at teaching children from economically backward families. I taught Mathematics and physics to grade 9 and grade 10 students. It was fun and a learning experience. Writing being one of my interests, I have also been a part of my college’s Editorial Board as a creative writer and associate editor.
As mentioned above, I am passionate about Computer Science and I would like to join the MSc Computer Science program at the University of Waterloo which happens to be making waves in the Computer Science world for its eminent researchers and research work in areas such as Machine learning and Natural language processing. I selected this university for my Master’s because I strongly believe that the learning environment plays a critical role in gaining knowledge and expertise. Your program provides the opportunity to test theoretical knowledge on practical applications. In addition, the close interlinking between teaching and research makes it an ideal course for me as I am very interested in research. I firmly believe that pursuing my graduation from the University of Waterloo will definitely give direction to my pursuits of becoming a data scientist in the future so that I can serve my countrymen. (831 Words)

Yours sincerely
Monika Gupta

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