SoP for Diploma in Computer Science Sample

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Statement of Purpose (SoP) Sample

Computer science has attracted many young minds. From an early age I too have had a keen interest in computation and its practical applications. I want to join your college as a freshman from India. My objective of pursuing a degree in computer science from Lambton College is to enhance my existing knowledge, learn new skills and become a computer engineer.
Just like any other boy, I too used to break open my toys, but what caught my eye were the parts inside them. I started building elementary circuits involving a simple motor, battery, bulb and some wire when I was 10. Engineering as a career option became clear to me, when I built a small traffic signal with my broken toy parts when I was 13. There are undoubtedly many engineers, but I believe an engineer with imagination is someone different. He can not only come up with ideas that no one seem to understand but he also has the skills to make these ideas work. I dream of becoming that. I dream of becoming an engineer who comes up with crazy ideas which seem eccentric to everyone but they are left awed once these ideas are implemented.
I have come to learn that the Lambton College is one of largest, most diversified and highly respected colleges in Canada. Lambton results on the KPI Surveys exceeded the provincial college average especially in student satisfaction in terms of quality of services, programming and resources. The facilities offered by the College will help me gain experience be it social, recreational or my personal development. This program brings together participants from all over the world, so I would be in contact with diverse cultures and I would also develop an international network. It would be very rewarding to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with a group of people who are from different nationalities, cultural orientations and schools of thought on one platform.
Another factor making the Computer engineering program from Lambton College like no other is the co-op option for job experience. Mostly people like me who doesn’t have had any experience in the job world want to learn new skills in a specific specialization, which is available as diploma courses. My motive is not to get job after that but to gain valuable skills in my profession which will help me to move in the higher levels. Besides, once in the workforce, I really can’t afford to be jobless for years and so doing a diploma seems a much viable choice. After being a part of Lambton College I am sure, I would grow into an enterprising and an outstanding graduate.
Besides academics, I have extensively tapped my talent in theatre. I have acted in the annual play for my school for 4 years. I was even a part of the student body that organized a theatre festival which went on to become a tradition in our school. I have willingly given my time to social work too. I have gone for two trips, a weeklong each from my school to help the underprivileged in villages. I did all this in a team. Also I acquired a world ranking in counter strike global offensive with my team and is really good in gaming tournament. Also I have participated in basketball tournament in school and was in the school team. Working in a team made me realize that no matter how strong you may be, you are always stronger as a team. I am now more adaptable to the changes around me.
I understand I haven’t been an exceptional student when it comes to academic records. But I have always improved. I had taken a year off after school when I made some wrong choices. My decisions and time seemed to suffocate me and I couldn’t find my way out of the situation. Eventually, I rose up from the apathy and started working for my year that was to come. As a result, now I have decided to join your college and ready to take a new path to my life. I have fallen down and I have learnt how to get up and this has made me not immune, but resistant to many tough situations in my life. I have immense growing potential and am just on my verge to be moulded into the person I will be for the rest of my life. I trust your college to shape into not only a great engineer, but a good person. I’m looking forward to join your college and move forth in this journey of mine. (797 Words)

Yours sincerely
Vijay Katiyar

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