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Health is wealth. This old adage clearly highlights the significance of health in our life. Despite substantial improvements in the field of medical science, the public health is declining. The proportion of people suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart problems etc. is on the rise. Not to mention, the current arsenals of drugs and public healthcare facilities have been quite inadequate in controlling the increasing rate of health related issues. It is undeniable that our future progress relies on our ability to tackle this situation. Healthcare professionals will therefore have a major role in the coming years.
I am an Indian student and I have completed my secondary school. I aim to pursue an under-graduate diploma in Office Administration-Health Services from Seneca College, Ontario, Canada. My objective of pursuing this course is to gain knowledge about different factors influencing public health and methodologies used in this dynamic and diverse field.
I realized my interest in health services when I visited hospitals and community clinics with my uncle who is a doctor. I enjoyed learning about vaccines and medicines and the manner in which various departments synchronize their effort to treat patients. Given the fact that my country, India, is the second most populated country in the world, the pressure on existing medical facilities is enormous. Therefore, the optimization of current medical and pharmaceutical resources is essential to develop well-organized and effective healthcare delivery systems. In addition, stringent policies which can govern healthcare administration need to be established at the local, national and international levels.
Unfortunately, my country does not have effective Office Administration-Health Services programs. Although, the government of India has taken many initiatives and introduced many schemes at the national and state levels, still they are not being effectively carried out. The outcomes of these projects are often very disappointing. Therefore, students like me seek opportunities in foreign colleges/ universities which provide an in-depth knowledge of this field.
In High School (10th class), I selected English and Biology as the main subjects and I obtained good marks in all subjects. Due to an accident, I could not perform well in 12th class examinations. So, I took them again after a year as a private candidate. This attempt was successful. These courses not only strengthened my fundamental knowledge base but also gave me a deep insight into the wonderful world of science, especially biology.
In my secondary school, I gathered experience in interacting with faculty members and developed oral and written presentation skills. In addition, I have learnt basic computer skills and I have actively participated in many debate competitions. Throughout my education I have had a good academic record. Considering my abilities, I believe that I can successfully complete the under-graduate diploma in Office Administration-Health Services.
I am passionate about Health Services and I would like to join Georgian College which happens to be making waves in this sector. I selected this college for my higher education because I strongly believe that the learning environment plays a critical role in gaining knowledge and expertise. More importantly, your program is equipped with excellent laboratory and teaching facilities, which prepare students to take leading roles. I firmly believe that pursuing a diploma from Seneca College will definitely give direction to my pursuits of becoming a skilled public healthcare professional in the future so that I can serve my countrymen.

Yours sincerely
Navneet Kaur

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