Phrasal Verbs # Food

Phrasal verb is a mix of a verb with a preposition. Today we will learn phrasal verbs related to food.

  1. Pick At – Pick at means you don’t eat a lot or you eat very little . Example- I am sick so I pick my food.
  2. Snack On – When you snack on something, you don’t eat a lot of something. For instance, you might snack on your burgers or other fast food. The food you snack on is not your dinner. Example – I am going to the theater and I think I will snack on some popcorn.
  3. Pig Out- Pig out means to eat a lot. Example- Yesterday, I went to a restaurant and pigged out.
  4. Polish Off- Polish off is when you have eaten everything. It is more than pigged out. Example – Anish polished off his Maggie.
  5. Live On- Live on means you eat a lot of something i.e you actually live on it. For instance, poor people don’t have much money, so they live on onion and chapatti.
  6. Cut Down – When you cut down on something it means you have reduced the amount of its consumption. Example – After the pleura effusion, he cut down on his alcohol.
  7. Order In- Order in means you order something i.e. you order people outside to get food from outside. Example- I ordered in the pizza yesterday.
  8. Eat Out- It means you go out to eat something. Example- Let us eat out, I am feeling lazy today.
  9. Dig In- Dig in means to eat. So, if you have ordered the food and everybody is still talking, you can say, dig in.


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