Make Specific Goals

You must be having goals in your life. Rather, goals are regarded the most important step to be successful. But the point is not whether you make goals or not. How effectively you make your goals leads you to success. For example, if you made a goal that I want to study in Harvard university. Now this is no goal or you can say a very poor goal. Poor, not in a sense that you have chosen a bad university, but because you haven’t put in the details of getting there.

A better goal could be I will get a band 9 in IELTS to get admission in Harvard University. And then how will you get a band 9? You need to specify that as well. a reasonable goal could be, I will learn 10 idioms today. Or, I will learn 20 verbs related to swimming today. So, what are you doing here? You are making a goal that can be achieved. You have exactly specified how much and in what time. it is when you fulfil all such small, yet important goals you finally reach to the big goal.

Remember, it is never about the big goal or the ultimate desire or aim, it is how well you accomplish the small goals that lead you to the big one. Make sure that your goals are specific.

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