Things To Do IELTS Exam Day

Things To Do IELTS Exam Day:

Pressure can take away from you even the things that you very well deserve. Follow the simple advice on the day of the exam-:

1.Plan to arrive early at the test venue, may be half an hour. Sometimes it so happens that you may end up stuck in the traffic and get late. There would be nothing worse than reaching at the test venue irritated, mentally tired and flurried.

2.Fully concentrate on the part of the test that you are doing, it might be possible that you are weak in a certain part, don’t keep on worrying about it. The more you focus on the present task the better the future will be.

3.Use your time effectively. Remember, each question has its own time, don’t just waste the entire time answering a particular question and leaving behind the others. You might not get extra marks if the answer is done perfectly.

4.Always recheck the answers. Sometimes, you may end up making mistake, which if corrected could lead to increase in marks.
No matter how hard you have worked, no matter how hard the teachers along with you have worked, In the end it is between you and the exam. Go out put in your heart and win the battle.

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