Between Or Among

Have you ever wondered whether to use between or among? Are they the same or they different. Well, to begin with they are different.

Simple difference rule-: We use between when we are talking about two items and we use among when we are talking about three or more items. But there are some exceptions to this rule.
1.Between is used when we are talking about one to one relationships while among is used when we are talking about something in general. For example-: between usa, Canada and Australia I think Australia would suit me well for my abroad study. Here you are being specific. The particular universities are given.
Among all the countries I think Australia will suit me well for my abroad study. Since here we are talking about all the universities in general, among is used.

2.Whenever you find difference in a sentence use between. If you find distribute in a sentence use among.

3.Between is used when a specific path is known. For example-: india lies between Pakistan, china and Nepal. Among is used when we are more specific. For example-: I was walking among the trees.

4.Note-: between you and i. here it is not I, but me. So the sentence is between you and me. This is because between is a preposition.

Use between and among wisely. Remember, knowing just one rule is not enough you need to know the rule and its exceptions.