Level 0 # Speaking Section

Speaking section of IELTS consist of three sections. However, before the actual speaking section of IELTS begins, there is this part where you will introduce yourself and greet the examiner. Well, although nothing much can go wrong here and neither you are marked much on this section, but answering it right will help you to achieve higher band.

In this section, the examiner will introduce themselves by saying either of the following things –

Good after noon, my name is this.

Could you tell me your full name?

You need to answer,

Good afternoon, name of the examiner. My name is

You may or may not give the name of the examiner.

NOTE –  

  1. If you are going to use the examiner name don’t use titles. For example, miss, Mrs., Mr. but if you don’t feel comfortable saying the examiner’s name, it is completely fine.
  2. When telling your name, you can say either of the following sentences –

My name’s anmol.

Now, did you saw, I said my name’s and not my name is. This is part of pronunciation. Using contractions is a part of higher level of pronunciation. Doing so, will help you in having a good impression over the examiner.

Note – Speak your name clearly. Smile properly and look in the examiner’s  eyes while answering, but make sure you don’t stare.

The second question that you will be asked is What can I call you?

There are three ways you can reply –

  1. You can call me ..
  2. Just call me ….
  3. Please call me ….

Note- Please don’t explain why people call you this.

There are many people who have an English name apart from a vernacular name. They can say – You can call me by my English name

The third question is Where are you from?

Or Could you tell me where you come from?

  1. I am from India
  2. I come from Honk Kong
  3. I come from ….
  4. I am from Calcutta which is in the east of India.

Note -It is good to add little bit information.

“which is in the” is a clause. Using it will help you in getting higher marks. Don’t expand any further.

Don’t ask examiner questions.

Don’t give recommendations.

Use English pronunciation of names. Don’t use vernacular word.

The fourth question asked is Could I see your identification?

Or Can you show me your identification?

You can answer this question as –

  1. Here you are
  2. Sure, here you are
  3. Of course, here it is.

Note –

Keep the answer short.

ID is identification

It is possible to say nothing and give your id but it is better if you say something.

So, go on do the right things and prove your metal in IELTS.



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