Writing Task : Consider these questions

 Writing Task : Consider these questions

Writing Task : Consider these questions

IELTS Writing Task 1 requires candidates to look at graphs, charts and tables and write about the information they contain. Ideally, someone reading your Task 1 essay would be able to draw the graph or chart you writing about, or produce a table containing the same information as the table you are writing about. However, it might not always be able to cover all the information available, in which case you should simply cover the main details provided.

Consider these questions :

Do I need to write an introduction?


How many body paragraphs should I write?

It doesn’t matter, but if you only write one, it is difficult for the examiner to follow the organisation; so it is better to write two because the answer will be better organised.

Just split the information into two.

Do I need to write a conclusion?

No. you are not discussing anything, so you cannot draw any conclusions. If you write a conclusion, it will not be marked because it is irrelevant to the task.

Overall organisation plan for Task 1:





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