Essay # Some people think that e-books are the death of paper books.

IELTS Writing Task # Essay

Some people think that e-books are the death of paper books while others think that paper books will never disappear. 


Discuss both sides and give your opinion.


In the era of cyberspace, e-books are gaining popularity. Though some people anticipate that with the evolution of e-books, traditional paper books have lost their popularity. While others opine that digital books cannot replace reading printed books. This essay will discuss the views.

With the progress in science, e-books are a boon for budding writers and readers. Factors like technological convenience and environment can be kept into consideration. As everything is available with one click online, readers can have access to a vast variety of books in an online library. Moreover, with deforestation at its peak, cutting down more trees for publishing books can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, e-books are pocket-friendly, eco-friendly and convenient to use.

At the same time, some oppose that e-books do not deliver the same physicality and tangibility as a real book. In addition, the feeling of owning a book is quite different from surfing the online library. The concentration level of the reader and better understanding of the characters is part f reading a printed book. There are millions of books available in the market and some of the ancient manuscripts cannot be translated into digital forms. Therefore, though e-books are vivid and colorful, they cannot provide the same impact as physical books to the bookworms.  

To conclude, I believe that both traditional books and digital books have their own readers. Since the present generation is more technology savvy, youngsters tend to use digital books. Even though e-books have a flourishing future, physical paper books will never disappear completely.

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