Graphs and Charts

The academic Task 1 requires a bit of knack to answer the graphs and charts. Generally the candidates have this idea that the task requires all the information to be put into the report. But it is to be noted that all the information need not be put to words, rather information that highlights the main features of the task needs to be written.
The best possible technique to look for information in the graphs is to look at the highest or lowest points in the data, any averages or exceptions, thereby comparing the data. As the task needs only 150 words to be written, you can begin by describing the type, title, date and scale of the graph. All that needs to be done after this is to compare the factual data that is given in the task. You do not need to analyse the presented data or give reasons for the same.
The other important aspect which needs to be mentioned here is the length of the Task. This depends on the type and data presented. If there is less data and only one graph, then you will be expected to include all or nearly all the data. If the task has 2 graphs and ample of data, then only significant and highlighted information can be compared. The end result should be coherent and cohesive presentation of the data which can be understood by the reader.


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