Essay # Some people believe that if people are allowed to work after the age of 60, it could cause problems

IELTS Writing Task # Essay

Some people believe that if people are allowed to work after the age of 60, it could cause problems. Do you agree or disagree?


Most countries have a law that allows people to work till the age of 60. Though some people are not affected by this practice, others oppose it. As after a certain age limit, a person’s body does not allow them to work and be an efficient performer like their earlier days. I partially agree with the statement that provided that a person should be allowed to work after the age of 60 or not. 

Most importantly, when a person is habitual of working, retirement can affect the mental and physical health of a person. The person feels more isolated and socially inactive due to which they lose a sense of purpose in life. Furthermore, living in today’s world is extremely costly and elderly people might not find their savings enough substantial to live a relaxed retired life. In fact, the people of Japan consider age 60 as an early age to retire.

On the other hand, some are of the opinion that people should not work after the age of 60 especially when they have worked a majority of their life. Increased workload can deteriorate the overall health after a certain age. From the economy’s point of view, if people retire at a later age it would affect the job prospects of the younger generation.

In a nutshell, people should not be forced to retire at the age of 60. They can be provided with a better option like part-time job or decreased workload if they wish to work. According to me, the quality of life is more significant than the age as there are many people in their 80s who are physically and mentally fit and are willing to work and be productive.

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