Describing Trends In Writing Task 1

When explaining the graph in the writing section, you are usually asked to compare or show a particular trend. While doing so, it is preferred that you use verbs or nouns to express it. For example, to show a particular increase or rise in something can be expressed using the following verbs/nouns.
For example-:

describing trends

Graph showing workforce participation

 ROSE(to)-: The number of women doing their bachelor’s has rose to 71% in 2013.
 INCREASED (to) -: Women pursuing their bachelor’s degree has increased to 71% in recent times.
 WENT UP (to)-: The number of women in associates’ degree went up by 68%.
 CLIMBED (to)-: The percentage of women completing their high school diploma or equivalent has climbed to 49%.
 BOOMED-: Women with the associate degree have boomed to 68% in the last year.

 A RISE-: There has been a rise in women doing the bachelor’s degree.
 AN INCREASE-: An increase can be seen in number of women doing higher degrees.
 GROWTH-: Certainly, there is growth amongst women wanting to pursue higher education.
 AN UPWARD TREND-: In recent times, an upward trend laying the importance of higher education can be seen in women.
 A BOOM-: There is a boom of women in higher education.

You can even present the above graph in a plain language such as; the this has increased from 59 to 98 or anything. But more you use such words, the better your paragraph, and the better your band. Also remember, you get more marks if you use a wide range of grammatical structure.


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