Speaking Cue Card: Describe a television programme that you watch

Describe a television programme that you watch.

You should say:

  • What kind of television programme it is
  • What usually happens in the television programme
  • Why you enjoy watching the television programme

And explain why you would recommend the television programme to the other people.

Sample Answer:

I don’t watch TV so often but whenever I find a chance I always try and watch a real documentary show called “Kings of Restoration”. It is featured on the History Channel. I used to team up with my dad as a child and watch it with uttermost fascination. It is a great show for anyone who has an interest in the glams of art and creativity.

The show starts with the announcement of what product they have received recently for restoration. Rick Dale, the owner and the host along with his team explores the product and tell us about its current condition and what ideas they have on fixing it. They get a variety of products from old broken vending machines to automobiles. They work hands in hands and efficiently to get the original raw parts and prepare the basic designs. The show telecasts the way they work on each of the old part. As a child this really impressed me.

I love watching the show for a list of reasons. This show holds memories with my dad. As both of us have a deep profound interest in the minimal working of stuff, we would often talk over our own suggestions and ideas while watching it. The television programme has helped me come up with lot of creative solutions for my old goods and helped me restore stuff that isn’t in use anymore. The best part about the show was always the ending scene when they finally give away the restored product to the owner and leaves everyone of us including the customer enthralled and amazed. I recommend this show to everyone as it’s a perfect Sunday afternoon show for both the young and old. It not only entertains the viewers but also provides lot of knowledge at the same time.


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