IELTS Speaking Sample Questions # Exercise

Health is wealth! There is an old adage, that holds truth even in the present circumstances. No matter how much we try to convince ourselves of the bad habits that we develop over a period of time, health remains one of the major factors for our success in the long. Speaking of health, it is one of the most common topic on which IELTS Speaking questions get asked around. This time we are looking at a sample answer to the below question –

Describe something that you started for your health. You should say –

  • When did you start ?
  • Why did you start it?
  • What was the reason and how long do you wish to continue?

Also explain, why would you suggest it to someone?


Exercise had been on my bucket list for around three years now. I had been trying to put myself into consistency for an hour of exercise, failing almost every time. Over a period of time, I tried jogging, swimming, badminton and even gym. But, with time the one thing that settled down for me was jogging. It has been around 5 months now and I go to jogging every day in the morning for an hour. Usually it starts off with walking which then take the lead to jogging.

Working in an IT firm it becomes quite difficult to take care of health or take out time for swimming or badminton. It was after three months of extensive deployment work, I realized that the amount of stress I had put myself into. My eating habits were down and one day coming to office I fell down from nowhere. The doctor advised me to take up on an exercise.

With jogging, there are not much efforts required, except the mental fitness. Starting the day after an hour of jogging, makes not only my body better but also my day productive. I wish to continue this amazing habit that I have developed for as long as I live.

Jogging can be anybody’s friend. It does not require buying that expensive equipment’s neither the frustration of dealing with waiting for turns as is case in many sports. One can just take up the shoes and start running, which makes it the best way to start anybody’s day. One could be in any phase of their lives, physical exercise helps making things better any day.



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