IELTS Speaking Sample Answer # Internet

Internet has truly transformed our lives and changed the way we do things. With so much happening and changing in our world, because of internet, let us today have a look at some of the questions that might be asked related to internet and possible answers.

Do you use internet much during the day?

Yes, I do. I am always on interent, either doing something related to my blog or searching the internet for the places around me where I can travel. Other times I am on social media, connecting with people I love or responding to people’s reviews on the posts and the videos that I have made. So, it is kind of fun, being online and doing work whenever you feel like.

What do you usually do on the internet?

For most part, I am doing my job of content writer on Internet. So, I am either doing a research for my next post or making the first draft or editing the post. Apart from this, I love watching videos on you tube or chatting off with my friends.

What are some of the advantages of internet?

Internet has surely come up with great advantages to offer all of us. Firstly, it allows for free communication with people far off from us. You see, it is very easy to know how your friends miles away from you is actually. Also, internet provides us with information regarding anything and everything. There are so many people writing about so many things and often people share their experiences helping others stuck in the same issue. Internet surely has made the world a smaller and a better place.

What according to you are the disadvantages of Internet?

No doubt, internet is over whelming and it does provides us with everything but then I believe it is very addictive as well. I have seen people getting stuck to it and hence spending so much less time with their family and friends. Also, with youtube and facebook, it is observed that people are becoming more addictive to them and less efficient at work.

Do people in your country use internet a lot?

There has been a recent trend of internet with the coming of smart phones. I surely think that since the past decade the use of internet has surely risen in my country. You can now see even the elderly people learning how to use it and chat with their kids online. They would form groups and laugh at the new watsapp joke. Apart from them, internet is surely very famous among the younger generation, who is ever so active to use it for either education or fun.

Do you do any shopping on internet?

Yes, I do. For items like electronics and bags, I have come to prefer online shopping as compared to the going to market as the product quality can be easily checked and there are lot of offers available while shopping online. But, for clothes I still prefer the traditional way of shopping where I can actually try the clothes and see as to how they look on me.

Do you send and receive email regularly?

Not very regularly I would say. But, with me signing up for so many websites and groups, the inbox these days is filled up with some or other email from any website or company. I usually mail when it is some official work, otherwise I prefer the social media sites.

Who do you usually communicate with?

On email, most of the times the people I communicate with are either my managers or for the best part, the people who like my blog and comment and give suggestions. Also, I interact with my clients. I being a freelance blogger, am associated with two sites apart from the one that I run for myself.


How often do you check your email?

Well, you can say like once in every two hours. The point is there are lot of times when I get some work related emails and I need to respond to them as soon as possible.

Do you think writing emails has strenghtend or weakened people’s writing skills?
I would say, it has strengthened people’s writing skills. Now, people are more aware that the email gets stored and can be used as proof, they make sure that the language written is proper. So, too an extent yes, email writing has surely helped people improve their formal writing skills.

I think there has been no such difference in the writings skills of the individuals. People who could earlier write great applications are able to write good emails but the ones who lagged behind their, still are not able to manage writing good emails.

What are some of the disadvantages of emails?

Emails have surely made our lives simpler, but I think they have taken the fun of waiting. It was not the letter that made it special but its wait that made it more special. With emails, instant talking is possible taking away the entire fun. Also, there is a security issue with emails. If some hacker is able to get through your mail id, one has no idea what havoc can be created.