IELTS Speaking # Appreciating Friendships

There are people who come in our lives and we come about appreciating them for the contribution that they make in our lives. There are people who we admire, there are certain others who we look forward to and then there are people who we make our friends. These are the people we appreciate in our lives, the ones that we want in our lives forever. But then there should be some reason for the appreciation, right? Let us today have a look at some questions related to appreciating friendships.

What qualities do you appreciate in your friends? What makes someone special or best friend?

There are three things that I mostly look out when I make friends. First is trust then love and finally respect. So, the person should be such that I can trust him or she and everyone can trust him or her. Then, he or she should love me and people around and he or she should be lovable as well. The last thing is respect, if the other person does not respects me, there is no point being with him or her. A special friend is someone I can call at 2 in the night and have a meaningful conversation or just sit quietly for two hours and come back relaxed.

Why are friendships important for you? Do you still maintain friendships from the past?

Friendships are important because these are the people who don’t judge you on the basis of your success or failure. They are the ones who are for you and with you, beyond what is happening in your career and it is very important for you to have such people in your life. Because, there is no point of living a life where there is no love and I make sure that if ever I make friends I keep them throughout my life.

How long have you known your best friend? Where did you meet and what did you have in common?

I and my best friend have been together since past eight years and it has been an amazing journey with her. Knowing her and enjoying life with her was great and I am thankful that I met her. We met in our school days and we had a common school bus so we were together almost every time. There is very little that is common in us externally but no matter what different paths we take our final destinations are mostly the same.

appreciating friendship

What are some good opportunities to meet new people?

I think the best way to meet new people is to be part of some group or club. It is there that you can meet like-minded people, who share your opinion and causes.

How can you get to better know a person?

I believe the best way to know a person better is to let the person speak without passing a judgment. One needs to accept the other person with ever fault and failures. When you do that, a person interacts with you more and you get to know them better.

What is the relationship between love and friendship?

Love is the basis for any relationship. When there is no love, there can be nothing else that exists.

Who is the most interesting person you have ever met?

The most interesting person has to be a recent friend that I have made, he is amazing person. There is so much that he has to tell you about, his opinion on things is so different that it can either leave you gasping or laughing. And then he has got that sense of humor that can make any difficult situation look so easy that you are left spell bound.

Do you think famous people are happier than ordinary people? Why?

I don’t think there is any connection with a person being famous and happiness. Happiness is something that comes from within and it can be found in the most simplest of things in life. So, a person who is enjoying the food made at home with family might be happy but then a person eating in the world’s best restaurant, yet alone might not be. Similarly, a world known singer might be happier because she is doing what she loves.

What type of people do you get along with best?

I think the people who can make others laugh are the ones I get along very well because there is so much of lightness associated with them that it makes easy to interact with them. You can just about say anything to them and they know how to make it look simple.


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