IELTS Speaking 2017 Questions # May 26

Time for more speaking questions!
Q:Where do you live?
Presently, I am living in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa, a state to the East of our country. I stay at a rented apartment with a friend of mine. Our flat has two rooms along with a kitchen and bathroom. The house is a km away from the place I work at, making it a perfect place to stay.
Q:What do you do: study or work?
I am working in an Indian MNC and it has been more than a year since I have been working for the IT firm. My journey started with technologies like Oracle but now I have started working on Hadoop. We use these technologies to do Data Analytics.
Q:Why did you take this job?
There is no specific reason on why I took the job.  Probably, it felt right at that moment, even more, I was busy establishing myself as a writer and so I did not bother much about the company. I joined it because I needed money and exposure of how things are done in corporate life.
Q:Give some reasons for choosing this industry?
There is no better place to learn that IT industry. We are living in a world where everything is being digitalized and moving towards technology if someone knows computers it really does help. Working with and IT firm surely gives the added advantage of knowing how things are done apart from the coding. Meeting deadlines, learning code and creating new things surely help in improving creativity.
Q:Do you think advertisements help people?
Advertisements surely have a major impact on individuals and society in large. There have been many informative advertisements coming up recently and they do help people understand things in a different light. For example, there is an Indian ad, where a son has a ringtone of a whistle and his mother comes up to him and asks to change it. The son retaliates and she says, the whistle reminds me of the whistleblowers I encounter every day when going to the office. The message was clear: teach your sons to respect women and only a mother can do that. There is so much that art and artist teach society in large.
Q:Do you like ads when you are browsing?
Well, I am an ad lover so if for the most part I really do enjoy watching advertisements. It really does not bother me much if they come up in between my browsing. I have always been fascinated by advertisements. The fact that in just 30 seconds, they are able to put forth their idea and make you think about it for hours, is pretty amazing.
Q:Do you think ads on walls is a good idea to market?
Pretty much yes, not only they make walls more interesting they also do convey a message. For example, if the walls of the street are advertising about women safety, probably it will surely have an impact on the society in large. If the walls of the street, advertise about the culture of the country people will know more about it even without much trying. So, surely yes, ads on walls are a good way to market, probably we should know exactly what we would like to market about. A wall with all slangs is something one can avoid, but a wall with good sayings is something we can go for.


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