Cue Card : Natural disaster in your area.

Natural disasters happen and when they do happen, they bring more toil in our lives than anything else. Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes have had major impact on the lives of individuals since time immemorial. This time, we are looking at a cue card that talks about the natural disaster than recently happened in the area of the student.

IELTS Cue Card: Talk about a natural disaster in your area.
  • Talk about a natural disaster in your area.
  • What was it?
  • What happened?

Explain the experience you had?

Sample Answer

The number of natural disasters have risen quite dramatically in the 21st century. Humans have caused harm in every aspect to this planet and it is fair to say that we are seeing its implications now. Luckily, growing up witnessing a natural disaster was a rare occurrence but nowadays it is a very common phenomenon.

I’d like to talk about the recent Uttrakhand floods which had detrimental effects in my state. After witnessing scorching heat, people were happy that monsoon was finally here. Little did they know that this monsoon will have a devastating impact on their lives. Initially torrential rains and winds started blowing which were followed by thunder and lightning. Smiles turned into concerns and it was quite evident that it was the start of something bad.

It was raining cats and dogs. Although, I was accustomed to rains, having lived in valleys, the rains brought more concern in our entire fraternity. Up until that year we had never seen drainage issues but water started clogging up and seasonal rivers began to swallow. The cloud bursts made it even worse and the incessant rains was just aiding the cause of a potential disaster. Emergency services were on their toes and within a few days half the town was submerged. Many people lost their lives in these floods. We are still experiencing the aftermath of that incident up until now.

Luckily, my house is a bit far away from the river so we didn’t witness any damage as such but many were affected badly and needed urgent help. As they saying goes “you need to be in it to see it”. The entire experience was scary and we couldn’t go out of the house for 3 days. With no electricity or emergency messages being played, it felt more of a war zone. Once the rains stopped, people started rescuing those who were left stranded. Help arrived from different parts of the country and many housing redevelopment efforts are still going on.


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