Cue Card # Talk about a time you were travelling but were delayed

IELTS Cue Card Talk about a time you were travelling but were delayed

Talk about a time you were travelling but were delayed 


You should day

  • Where were you travelling to?
  • Why were you delayed?
  • How did you overcome the delay?
  • And describe the entire episode in detail.

Cue Card Talk about a time you were travelling but were delayed

Sample Answer

Travel is a requisite of the modern lifestyle. One cannot achieve globalization without interpersonal communication after all. Even though now the situation has changed quite a bit since the outbreak of this pandemic, travel for essential services still carries on.

My story happened quite a while ago; I believe it was in the December of 2017. Now, I was going to travel to Sri Lanka for a vacation with my family. We were set to arrive at the airport at 4 pm so we could board our 7 pm international flight on time. A tip for travel I always keep in mind is to be as unhurried as possible, be it driving or train travel; you always want to have extra time, it takes away the unnecessary stress.

Naturally, we had a bit of a tussle with our baggage to get it out of the drop off taxi trunk but we managed in the end. As we entered the terminal gates were greeted by the classic coffee scent that permeates most airports. So far, the situation was looking good. We managed to get past check-in, baggage, security and customs with no hiccups at all with an hour to spare.

Here’s where the trouble started. Soon after boarding the flight and idly waiting for a half-hour for the flight to take off, we were asked to deboard as the flight was facing technical issues. So, we boarded the airport bus and were all relocated to a new flight. Our baggage relocation took us another hour. At this point many people were getting very antsy, and for good reason too. This was supposed be a short 3-hour flight and we already had to endure more than 2 hours of waiting time, it was quite preposterous.

My family and I dealt with it by simply getting out our travel pack Uno game. That’s another great tip for anyone who’s travelling with kids; always bring travel-friendly games along because the kids will get bored. We played a variation of games with the card pack, original Uno, bluff, and a couple of games my kids came up with. After some very suspicious game rule changes and some very victorious kids, the announcement of the flight being ready for takeoff started. We arrived that night in Sri Lanka, where we found our waiting cab and managed to drive to the hotel. The journey ended up pretty smoothly despite the technical delay we faced. As they say, “all’s well that ends well”.


Speaking part 3 follow up questions:

Q.1 What are the most common reasons that cause travel delays?

Answer: I think severe weather conditions and technical defect are the two biggest causes of travel delays. Traffic congestion, diversion of routes due to accidents or repair work also lead to travel disruptions.

Q.2 Do you think too many people are dependent on cars as a means of transport?

Answer: Definitely, yes. The number of people who depend on cars for commuting and travelling has gone up considerably in the past few decades.

Q.3 Why do people prefer to travel by car?

Answer: I think there are two main reasons why people prefer to travel by car. Firstly, public transport systems like buses and trains are poorly maintained in many parts of the world. Secondly, cars have become a status symbol. Nobody wants to wait for hours and board an overcrowded bus or train. Those who can afford tend to avoid using public transport facilities and prefer their own mode of transport. It not only saves their time but also gives them comfort and privacy.

antsy very nervous, worried, or unpleasantly excited
preposterous very silly or stupid


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