Cue Card : An event that you attended which was full of color.

IELTS Cue Card talk about an event that you attended which was full of color.

Talk about an event that you attended which was full of color.

You should say:

  • What event was it?
  • When did this event take place?
  • Why was it full of color?
  • And explain why you remember this event.

IELTS Dehradun An event that you attended which was full of colour

Sample Answer

Colors are what make life beautiful and worth living. Different colors mean different things, Red is the color of sacred passion, yellow of joy and happiness. Here in India, we embrace color as our own. We even have a festival of colors, but today I want to talk about something much more personal.

I would like to tell you about my aunt’s wedding. Now, Indian weddings are synonymous with grandeur, pomp and all splendor of the heavens themselves. Typically, weddings have a three-day pre-wedding celebration. The first day is the engagement of the groom. On the second day, the bride is cleansed with yellow turmeric. And on the third day, a sing along takes place. The day off the main wedding the bride wears red.

My Aunt got married in early February, the days were just warm enough to feel comfortable in the full customary celebration wear. For every event, there was a dress code with color specification so that the guests could match. On the day of the engagement everyone wore white, to signify purity as well as a new beginning of sorts. The room held a crystal chandelier, the floor was blue marble. There was a notable likeness to a fresh winter’s snowfall.

On the day of the turmeric blessing, everyone wore yellow. We played with yellow turmeric and laughed with the golden sun rays. The third day for the sing-along, we were requested to wear pastels so that we could match the special rose decorations. But, it was the main Wedding night that was truly spectacular. My Aunt had never looked more beautiful, with her hair in braids, her hands in henna, and herself in a dark red, deeply embroidered gown. The guests wore a mirage of colors, from sparkly black to Metallic and holographic silver dresses, vivid green coats and florescent frocks. It was a sight to behold. Everyone danced under the stars, forming galaxies themselves. Truly, an event that paid homage to not only the blessed bond of betrothal but also to the colors that bring emotion into this very world.


High-level words and their meanings:
sacred connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose
grandeur splendour and impressiveness, especially of appearance or style
homage special honour or respect shown publicly
Betrothal a formal promise to marry someone


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